Couple hours in and I like it. No Extreme Mode! THANK YOU!

User Rating: 8.5 | MotoGP 08 X360
Just searched the city (Halifax NS) to find this (360) - and got one of 4 copies of it at Future Shop after the guy looked for it for like 10 mins? BLockbuster not carrying it... EB Games did not get any? Never got to Best Buy - as I bought the first one I found. Screw the price comparisons!

Anyway - so far I like it. I find the directions a little . .well... sketchy. I had to go online to figure out that the ADVANCED setting is actually the middle one - and Simulation is the "hard" setting. I may be tired too.

One thing I really like is that you can hear your bike in the crowd - in the THQ 07 version if you were racing manual gears you could not hear the engine to shift. REALLY helps in a crowd of 35 bikes - ha ha in 125cc Class!!

Anyway - I like the perspective better on the track, and I think the AI is a LOT better - they seem to be interested in taking a line around you instead of right through you.

One thing I do NOT like is that you cannot set the fade level of the various HUD items - nice when you have a Plasma HD display. You can turn them off or on thankfully. I race with them off to NOT have burn in.
You can get burn in from games - especially racing games - if you do not know (as I DID NOT) that you HD Plasma comes pre-set to TORCH mode. I almost fubarred the TV on Moto GP 07, took a week of beak-in to get rid of it. Even with the PIXEL shift at MAX it still will happen.

Anyway - so far so good - and I may log in to change and more likely add to this post as I play through. I will NOT MISS that idiot EXTREME Mode. What a POS idea in a Moto GP game. Nice to play a new game like this just as the R1 is going to sleep for a couple months!! Time to dig out the skies!!