The best game ive ever played!

User Rating: 10 | MotoGP 08 X360
Ok, im not justs saying this because im a die hard fan of moto gp in general, watching it on tv. In my opinion this is the best motorcycle racing game and also my favorite out of all the games out there! I have been playing it off and on for almost a year in october and I have not gotten borad of the game yet! I don't know if its just that im a racing freak and moto gp freak, but all i know is even if the price was over 80 dollars i would have still have gotten it!

The Game In General: In this moto gp game you can play in all three classes and also you can play as yourself in a career mode going against the best motorcycle racers in the world! I really like the career mode it really sucks you in and makes you feel like your really racing because your playing as yourself. But thats not all if you would like you can still play as a piot all ready in moto gp on the championship mode ,acard or even do challenges to get prizes. There is a ok deal of customizion like picking your helmet, team, name, nation, number and couple other things! Its also not very hard to get use to in the driving part.

Looks: Ok. I get very confused and mad when people say this game doesn't look good! What the HELL! This game is fricking beautiful!

Physics: I alway use to think physics was the look but know in my understanding I think it means the way the racer moves, in the most part this may be what i see a big differents in from 08 to the one coming out in march of 2010. When you get high sided or crash it doesn't look the best, but don't get me wrong its better then ps2 motogp crashing and its not a big deal. I'm also comparing it to 2010.

So thats all im going to review, because face it, its to good of a game for me to write ever good thing down! I am telling anyone out there if you are a racing or motogp fan you should consider buying this game or at lest give it a try, rent it to see if this game is for you!