A great first effort by Capcom, well done!

User Rating: 8.5 | MotoGP 08 X360
A good first outing for the PC and 360 versions from Capcom. The dropping of the 'extreme' mode, whereby you can modify and race fictional 'street' bikes, from THQ's effort is no great loss, made up for by the addition of 125 and 250cc classes. This sets up the career mode for alot more progression, and is very involving. It would have been nice to have a few fictional tracks to play around on using the new and far more realistic physics angine.
As a Ducati Superbike rider, I can vouch for what is the best and most realistic handling package yet, on par with SBK08, which has been a welcome change from the arcade only modes. (even though they have been previously claimed to be 'simulation' modes) *A* rating for handling and general physics :)
The tracks are faithfully reproduced, and have alot more activity than SBK08's sterile tracksides. The only exeption is ofcourse the pitlane which seems to be devoid of any activty for some reason. As for my comment re: additional tacks, I presume as part of the license agreement from Dorna, the likenesses of the vehicles etc may have only been limited to real world locations. A possibility that may overcome the limited number of tracks may have been a similar idea to EA's (pains me to commend EA) F1 challenge 99-02, whereby 3 seasons of cars and tracks were included. Maybe when Capcom are onto their third or later MotoGP license this might be a possible option to explore. *B* rating for tracks, not quite on par with Forza 2, but the best the MotoGP series has seen to date.
Overall Capcom has taken MotoGP in a great direction, appealing to seasoned players and newcomers alike. The graphics, sound and layout of menus are all slick. If there was a suggestion, its that when switching modes from arcade to full simulation the setup options go from simple options to a more indepth tuning. Also a good idea is a 'engineer' whereby you are asked a few questions and the changes are made. In real life a good rider will make suggestions concerning rebound / compression etc, but only in consultation with the engineer. This is an option I feel would satisfy th masses..and myself :) In conclusion a *B* rating for an enjoyable and realistic representation of what it is to race around the world on 2 wheeled prototype race machines!