the game that started the best series of 2d and 3d fighting

User Rating: 10 | Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu GEN
this is the first mortal kombat game ever made now if your first mk game was one of the newer ones youll say "this game sucks". it has only 7 characters which i admit kinda sucks buy hey, its the first in its series. but thats not the point this game has tons of action its got all the characters that usually in mk games like scorpion and sub zero. the graphics arent bad for a genisis game. hell, its even got a pretty clear voice that says "get over here" when you use scorpions harpoon attack. theres a code that enables blood so the game is more realistic. each character has a fatality thats pretty easy to do. like usual theres a boss and theres a sub boss. in this case goro is the sub boss and shang tsung is the main boss. gameplay is pretty simple theres high punch hihg kick low punch and low kick the high attacks get the face while the low attacks hit the main body. this game doesnt feature combost so dont even try. the games roster includes scorpion,sub zero, raiden, liu kang, johnny cage, sonya, and kano. theres also a secret character. but you can only fight him. and this character is non other then the great reptile. i wont say how to fight him but ill say his attacks are scorpions harpoon(its green for some reason) and sub zeros ice blast which is also green. i guess thats were reptiles acid spit originated. so if your a hardcore mk fan then this game is worth buying if you can find a copy that is.