A very hard game but the best!

User Rating: 9.5 | Mortal Kombat SMS
I've played this game with my friend and I thought it was quite satisfying for an Arcade game. And the arcade games turn into the real video game systems (Most of them) And still just as the best game that has been in the whole wide world and the most popular too. And they've now released up to 3 now as you can see. Fighting games are nearly popular so everybody reviews them the best even here in Gamespot. Nobody will have a total-let down from this game because it is just too good!
Also, my sister played it too and she did not have a total-let down. When you play the game every day even a fighting game, you'll become even more better at fighting your enemies which I think this game is mostly the best. WARNING: Their may be some blood in this game!! But cool. But watch out! The enemies just get harder and Harder and HARDER just like this THE Bosses were Awesome! Ever since you start playing the game and also good for break times too.

What other good fighting game you should play that's out there too?

Super smash bros. BRAWL!