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User Rating: 8.8 | Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu SNES
This game right here is what started my love for fighting games. This game and its originality are just breathtaking. When I first got it I could not let it down. I even got some of friends hooked on it because it’s just that fabulous! My fave character is Sub-Zero. Man is he sexy. Runner up is most defiantly Scorpion. The only thing I don’t like about this game is its “Test Your Might” section. I will never be good at that! Another thing that was challenging yet fun was when you have to fight the two in one battles. Goro is a son of a **** but when you beat him its all worth it. For a game of this time the graphics are good. The sound is fair. The game play is like any other but the thing that gives Mortal Kombat its edge is its bangin’ theme song. I swear let anybody listen to it and they will all say “This song makes me want to kick someone’s ass!” Overall A-.