The foundation of one of the best fighting series ever. Simply the best fighting game of its time.

User Rating: 10 | Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu SNES
This game is one of the best fighting classics of all time. They truly revolutionized the meaning of the phrase fight to the death because when you win you could actually kill the opponent. Plus this was the first fighting game that introduced the blood concept. At the time, this was considered unheard of in most fighting games, but when it came it was widely accepted. But the flipside to the coin is that this game also introduced the rated stuff that everything is now tagged with, you know, pg 13, rated R ex. But this would have probably have came anyway. But overall a great game to play, 7 characters each with 2 special and 1 fatality, this gamed formed the basis for one of the greatest series of all time. Plus a challenging sub boss and boss, and the test your might was also fun to do, this game is truly the best fighting classic ever.