Revolutionary... this word pops into my mind when I remember first seeing this game at the arcades.

User Rating: 8.4 | Mortal Kombat ARC
When I first played this game back at my local arcade Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting was king of the hill at least that was my opinion. MK introduced graphics that resembled real fighters, its sound was good and its game play was simple but let you really get into it. It all combined into a great contender that stole many coins from SFII.

Its graphics were simply innovative, it used actors and computer generated fighters that at the time looked quiet realistic (Goro). The game added gore into the equation (back when gore was in diapers) and it looked amazing, the sequences that portrayed the fatalities were spectacular and made my jaw drop the first time I saw them.

Now the sound is good, I couldn’t say it is anything out of what you could expect from a great game, it has good punch lines when you connected a special move or when you performed a fatality, this made you feel like you were fighting on a mystic tournament.

Finally the best aspect the game has to offer is its game play; it could easily suck your money and leave you watching in the sidelines as somebody else tackled on the current champion. Now a day when I play this game I still get involved in it for hours at a time, I recently finished it in a port for the PSP with Liu Kang and Scorpion.

To conclude, I still find SF II the king, but Mortal Kombat gave it a battle fit for royal blood; MK is a game with terrific Sound effects, revolutionary graphics and great game play the outcome of this equation is a legacy that spawned many sequels and movies