Most Revolutionary Fighting Game of All Time!

User Rating: 9 | Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu GEN
Although visually and in terms of sound it wasn't as polished as the arcarde or SNES versions, the Genesis version of this fighting classic was still tons of fun to play and in my opinion the best version for the home consols. Why, you might ask? Blood, blood, AND MORE BLOOD!

This version of MK came with a special code (ABACABB) that gave you access to blood and all the gorey fatalities that made this game the smash hit that it was in the arcades. On top of that they even included a cool little debug code that you enter during the title screen (DULLARD) that gives you access to a bunch of other cool little secrets. Also present in the Genesis version were all the arcade endings.

As stated before, the biggest downfall of this version of MK was that graphically it wasn't quite as good as the SNES version, meanwhile the audio was pretty much abissmal (the music was pretty cool though). Due to hardware limitations, certain sound effects such as the announcer announcing the fighters names have been removed, meanwhile numerous other sound effects such as the screams and yells have been replaced by weird sounding grunts. Luckily though the funfactor of this game is so high that you eventually couldn't care less about the cosmetic details.

Overall, this is an excellent home port of a classic fighting game that is a must own for any genesis owner or fighting game fan in general that is looking to experience a solid dose of MK nostalgia :)