Good to finally see the arcade game on the snes, however no blood and a sweat vapour makes it dissapointing

User Rating: 6 | Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu SNES
Mortal Kombat is the game that started it all.
Originally an arcade classic sitting alongside streetfighter 2, final fight and double dragon respectivly lead the pack with its intense game play
The long awaitied game finally hit the snes to millions of gamers around the world, however for those gamers who were sporting the snes it only led to dissapointment when compared to the Megadrive/genesis and master system brother release.
The lack of blood and matching arcade fatalities made the game less enjoyable and led to many gamers forgetting the snes mortal Kombat and migrating to the megadrive version with the infamous abacabb blood code.
Overall the game visually was good the characters were modelled well and the game flowed well.
all your favourite characters and non playable villians from the arcade were there in front of you to uppercut, sweep or use a special character based move.

Overall a little bit of a let down