The game that Single-Handedly introduced Violence in Gaming.This is where the downfall of gaming began.

User Rating: 6.5 | Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu SNES
a game that started a legendary series...well,in fact only 2 games are great in the mk series.
mk is the first violent video game in!so,shoul i say...where it all started...?
9 characters,9 legends:
liu kang
johnny cage
shang tsung.
legends,but these legends will shine in the next mk game,not here!
the main competitor at that time was street fighter 2.sorry mk,your rival was the best fighting game of all time,i'm so sorry:)
yes,mk is pathetic in comparison with the phenomenon sf2.
the gameplay of mk is again,pathetic!it's very limited,each character can strike only 1 special hit,move,all the characters are moving slowly like they have led in their feet,the dificulty is hard because of the endurance matches in the upper part of the battleplan...yeah,whatever!mk was well received by gamers because it was the first violent game in history,that's all.
liu kang is the hero of this game.he must defeat the great sorcerer shang-tsung that morphs into all the players in the has the best story from all the fighting game series,but i'll tell it in mk2 or mk3,not here!
the music i've told you:the music at the select screen is really the best part of the game.that is trully sad...
after you defeat 3 characters,you play a bonus game where you can test your might...very similar with sf2 from this point of view.
the graphics are decent & it has digitised actors so the characters that you see in the game,look like some guys from the real world which is pretty cool.oh,another great thing is the fatality.the last strike to apply to your enemy.that is another revolutionary thing!maybe i should have rated mk with 7.0...
i don't know if the arcade version is better but this one is...pathetic!