This game introduced us to bloody 2D combat fighting games and since its release no game can come close to its greatness

User Rating: 9.5 | Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu SNES
Some games are the first to do something. Sometimes they suck the first time through and sometimes there just flat out amazing. Well Mortal komat could probaly be the most amazing game ive ever played. The gameplay is incredibley hard and the amazingly fun blood and gut splurting punches cure anyones need to kill. This game as become so famous that it has its own movies yes movieS and a tv show. This is were it all begins and if you havent played it yet, you better find a store that sells it.

The gameplay is awesome and should be enjoyed by anyone. The fake looking blood is great and the realistic looking human 2D cut outs are great. The chracaters are actually real people that they shurnk and turned into cut scene video game fighters, its really cool. The fighting is great with friends and since the controls are easy the battles will always be brutal and fun to bust that friggin huge combo. But the SP climb tower mode is ridiculous, its very very hard, but thats the whole challenge. You have to be reallly good to beat this game. Ive never actually beaten this game but i have reached the last level. This game is amazing.

There really isnt a story, all you have to do is climb the tower and try to beat everybody.

All in all play this game and if you can find your old NES in your attict dig it up and plug it in.