review 93 bad censored game!

User Rating: 4 | Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu SNES
hello welcome back to classicgamejunk.people i love mortal kombat 9 what i don't like is a censored mortal may be curious why i gave it this score and don't worry this is not all a rant i will review the game and when this game came out in the arcades i loved it.i could not wait when i saw this game in Nintendo failed on so many levels.the violence was toned down.what was the best thing of mortal kombat.blood and tearing peoples heads off.the blood is toned down in fact i don't think there is blood in this when you take something we most loved from the game it becomes a giant mess.a lot of people agree that the 2nd mortal kombat on snes was was a great port and of course blood and all that stuff we now with the real choose a player and you must fight in a tournament which is life and death.once you win you move on to fight someone else until you get to that final guy and rip his guts out.well okay not with the snes version or game boy but genesis is a whole other story with a code you can unlock blood and i wish they did that with the snes version oh but the genesis version was slow and the snes one feels slow at least for me maybe not that was my review of just how i feel of this game and what the 40 dollars i wasted on this game.if you don't like violence which is okay i don't either if it is a game though i don't care either then i don't recommend the arcade version.well bye.