A huge step forward but still needs work

User Rating: 7 | Mortal Kombat XL XONE

Mortal Kombat X gives us the latest instalment of the franchise on current generation consoles and to be honest, It gives what you would want in an MK sequel. The first thing you'll notice is how much of a massive upgrade the graphics received in comparison to the previous instalment of the franchise. They really brought things up a notch and it still remains a stunning looking game even now. So big props to that.

The gameplay remains as fun as ever. It's simple enough to attract casual players but with the long list of available combos for each character, It's enough to attract the more hardcore arcade fighter fans. And what I really like is that there is no definitive advantage among characters when playing, It's simply who you feel most comfortable playing as. I like that a lot because most arcade style fighters normally have that one character that has a slight edge over everyone else.

Other game modes including the towers, essentially fight X amount of enemies with potential modifiers, the brief story mode that features a rather weak story. The crypt returns as well and that's filled with all kinds of special goodies for you to unlock with coins. Factions are there as well, You can join one of five factions and earn XP for them doing matches and completing challenges, The faction with the most points gets some dope rewards so it definitely pays to play.

Now obviously there is an online feature but I have a lot of issues playing that, I always have for some reason. Other games work fine, MK X has always been laggy for me and that sucks because I enjoy playing these kinds of games online. Even now, The last time I played this game was a few months after launch so I booted it back up to try the online again and the lag issues caused myself and four other players to quit matches so I am really disappointed that they didn't fix that.

Another issue I have with the game is that there's really no sense in playing it long term. After a month or two, You don't really get anything more out of it. I think not having anything to draw in and keep players for the long haul really kills the game after a rather short while because it simply becomes stale.

Overall: 7/10
The weak story mode and laggy online service drop major points off for what easily could have been an 8 or 9 overall game. And the fact that there is nothing to really make the game worth playing in the long-term hurts it as well. I hope they adopt an Injustice 2 style level up/gear system because that'd really keep people invested in it for more than just a month or two.