another great Mortal Kombat game.

User Rating: 8 | Mortal Kombat X PS4
Mortal Kombat 2011 is my favorite game of the saga, and one of the best fighting game I've ever played (I'm not much of a fan of the genre), and Mortal Kombat X caught my attention, but I only had the opportunity to play 2 years later, and the game took a long time to please me, I found more or less the first 3 chapters boring, the game could not arrest me, but from 3 I think it improved a lot, the story got better and more interesting, I was missing a lot of characters, some of them were badly used, but I understand that there was new characters such as Cassie Cage, daughter of Sonya and Johnny Cage, she is a nice character, not in Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Raiden, Sub-Zero and Scorpion, but it works in the plot, the end I found a bit disappointing, could have been better, and ended in a moment that I did not expect, the game has a post-credits scene that opens a bridge to a sequel, the graphics are beautiful and gameplay works great Mortal Kombat X is very good, it's not the best of the series, but it's a good game, but it's a good game, it's a game that many things to do besides the campaign, like classic modes and the online that is cool. is among the best. Note 85