My Review for Mortal Kombat X

User Rating: 9 | Mortal Kombat XL XONE

Fantasticly Superb Strong Brilliant made game .. i really recommend this game to hardcore fans of mk ..

though it has some weaknesses also plusses ofcourse

lets start with the weaknesses :

- too few arenas

- the new characters the two male characters cant remember their names and jackie brigs,,cassie cage,kotal kahn ,,ferra torr not very interesting ,,ferra torr what a dumb character,,even worse than bo rai cho,,but wait a sec i really liked bo rai cho and also not,,ferra torr looks like a resident evil characters,,kotal kahn seems like taken from a tombraider game,,how dumb,,jackie brigs (no word) ,,cassie cage ( she's just a dumb doll)

-- avatar cheering audience when playing king of the hill is gone

-- too few stage fatalaties and they are too alike

-- part of the story is a little cheap and dumb but mostly good story

-- rain,baraka and so on are not in the game

--- fatalities are too alike,,too many involving you rip someone's head off,,fatalaties are nothing we havent seen before many times

-- unlock the whole krypt and easy fatalaties,,what a letdown

-- triborg is a three in one character is somewhat a letdown

now onto the plusses :

-- online is even stronger and better than mk9,,best online and online games in an mk game yet

-- very much to do in this game,,high value tilt

-- many things to unlock even after the krypt

-- huge krypt,,awesome krypt,,best yet

-- many towers to choose from,,huhe plus and they update daily,,awesome,,much variety here

-- test your might , test your sight is back awesome =))

-- beautiful graphics and cool and strong graphics engine

-- great use of colors in this game

-- all game videoes ,,like story mode and so on and all endings very well done and strong,,well done

-.- faction war,,awesome =)) great idea,,pulled nicely off --

-- many costumes to choose from

-- guest characters are better than some of the new main characters

-- king of the hill returns =))

-- character interactions,,clever done and nice idea,,pulled off nicely=))

-- that bo rai cho and shinnock is in the game and quan chi is remarkable

-- classic fatalities and stages returns=))

-- comboes are awesome like the ones we saw in mk9

- many many new moves in this game and choose a varation,,how awesome and nicely pulled off,,like shinnock for example can do in this game is absurd brilliant

well thats all folks,,i really recomend this game ,,great game,,thumbs up

-- well amigos and gals have fun and enjoy this brilliant game,,cheers =)),,kaphiche and gl=)

-- see ya=))