Loses it's luster quick

User Rating: 6 | Mortal Kombat X XONE


Voice acting is solid but dialogue doesn't happen often. Weak sound track you don't even notice is playing.


In a landslide, It's the best looking Mortal Kombat game to ever come out. Everything looks fantastic. One draw back is that the environments lack originality and is nothing different from previous MK games.

Game Play:

Your typical MK game play. Nothing has changed from the last installment, Which is a good thing because if it ain't broke then you don't fix it.


Pathetic plot heavily recycled from past games. Campaign difficult varies through out. The new characters suck something fierce and are difficult to use in fights. Annoyingly small roster of fighters. Collectibles aren't bad but take a lot of grinding to earn them all. Online play suffers from lag often enough where it makes me not want to play it. Fatalities and X-Ray moves are still fun to perform and haven't gotten old. DLC is half the price of the base game (30 dollars) and features just 4 new characters and a couple of skin packs. Very little in terms of content.

Overall: 6/10

With MK X, It starts off strong but loses it's luster quickly due to the severe lack of content. When it comes to the next game, I am not going to buy it straight away. I am sick of them putting the bare minimum of content and releasing a ton of new stuff as over priced DLC,which is half the price of the 60 dollar base game. I'm not gonna support a company that screws over fans like that and you'd be wise to do the same.