MK VS DC is it a good combination or a horrid idea?

User Rating: 6 | Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe PS3
Well it's something..but let me put that into more's a good idea on paper but the game itself is fun..but making a list will help you understand what i mean. ( 12 facts for ya.)

GOOD THINGS. :) < 6 total>

#1 it's got classic dc and mk characters.

#2 nice storyline.

#3 klose kombat is a great addition.

#4 the arena's aren't half bad.

#5 they reincluded test your strength.

#6 good character dialogue.


#1 needs a bigger roster.

#2 all characters are unlocked from the start. (kinda makes you feel useless)

#3 some of the characters are too strong even on easy mode.

#4 no fatalites?

#5 not that violent.

#6 some of the storyline is just thorwn in and makes no sense and is useless.


while it's a good idea it's messed up and feels rushed the only people who will enjoy it is real fighting fans ( TRUE DC nor MK fans will enjoy it) but some characters look incredible (batman,superman) while others look horrible. ( lex luthor,deathstroke) but it's a pretty fun game..but don't expect's a real straight to the point fighting game nothing more..but this is one of the games that once you play it it's gonna go back on the shelf.