This is my review of what I think of all the versions of mortal kombat trilogy

User Rating: 10 | Mortal Kombat Trilogy N64
This version of mortal kombat trilogy is the absolute best port of mortal kombat ever made the n64 version gets a 10/10 everying in the n64 version is perfect the ps1 gets a 4/10 because of it's horribly long loading screens it's horrible ai and it's awful music the sega Saturn and pc version gets a 7.9/10 for the only problems are the loading screen for the Saturn and the music for the pc and another a lot of people said that the n64 version had the worst graphics of them all but the graphics on the ps1/pc/segasaturn/and n64 look the same to me the game gear version has the worst graphics which gets a 2/10 so y favorite character throughout the entire series which is khameleon(the girl) is in it goro and kintaro may be gone but honestly I could hardly careless if they got rid of goro and kitaro or not so yes that's the review kunimitsu complete