MK1+2+3=an awesome MK game :D

User Rating: 8.5 | Mortal Kombat Trilogy PS
I am reviewing Mortal Kombat Trilogy,it combines Mortal Kombat 1,2,3,and Ultimate 3 together into one game.Note that I'm reviewing the PLAYSTATION VERSION,not the N64,because that version sucked.Just because I'm an MK fanboy doesn't mean I hate certain MK games (Special Forces anyone?).well,HERE WE GO! (I say that alot don't I :P)

Graphics:8.5-I must say,the graphics are really awesome! It takes on MK 3 and Ultimate 3's graphic style.The characters look good,newcomers to this style look good,and it looks good too.Unfortunately,certain framerate animations aren't there anymore,so you'll need to start learning new combos fast (try Cyrax).

Gameplay:9-The gameplay is almost EXACTLY Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3,except with a few changes.Some good,some bad,I'll just get right to them.There's now an agressor gauge (or as I like to call it,the Pissed-off Meter :P) has been added,once you fill the meter up,your attacks are twice as strong (think of Shao Khan if he constantly does a fatality).There's also BRUTALITIES which by doing a certain combo you beat down your opponett until they explode.It's cheesy,but it's awesome!and finally the bad,some stage fatalities are gone,remember the Pit 2's stage fatality,well it's gone.Okay finally the characters,it's pretty much an early version of MK:Armageddon,you 32 characters unlocked from the start,plus 5 secret characters for good measure.You can now play as boss characters like Shao Khan or Goro,and yes,they're as cheap as ever.

Sound:10-it's MK3 and has all the music from the older games,'nuf said.

Story:7-They crammed MK1,2, and 3's stories into one,that can lead to problems,especially characters like Johnny Cage who didn't appear in MK3 or Ultimate.That really makes me confused 0_o.


Lasting:8-The tournament mode freezes,and team battle won't appeal to everyone,but 4 difficulties,37 characters to master,AND playing with a friend,you'll play this for weeks. 8)