mk trilogy is nothing more than one outstanding arcade game;)

User Rating: 10 | Mortal Kombat Trilogy PS
the roster is huge,,the game just plays right and feel right

this is a smart game it combines alot of the elements that made mk good in the first place from mk 1-um3,,and adds tons of even more fun with better ai,,more stable framerate,,more on the table,,shangs shungs can morph without loads;),,

better looking charatcters and animations,,more of the same,,more of the good,,with better options,,better sound,,better executed grapchics,,more great fatalities,,more arenas;),,

still awesome today playing two player with beer or something;),,

i like the selcetion screen,,roster of char its huge and mixes the elements a little,,slighty improvements but for the better;)

seceret things are still there,,lots of this to do;),,,,

voice actors,,and or acting is still top notch and superb,,

arenas are pretty cool,,special moves are very great i nthis;)

i remembered palying this,,one of my best memories;)