Holy cow. This game is hard. Like, really hard.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mortal Kombat II PS3
I once owned a little game called Demon's Souls, and it was HARD. So hard I got frustrated and returned it. Compared (oops, kompared) to Mortal Kombat II in single-player, it's nothing. NOTHING! The AI of this game is unforgiving and unrewarding as a single player game. Even on the easiest setting it will kill you. Literaly. The fatalities are there, and a-mighty brutal. Baraka takes out his blades and lifts you up and impales you. Liu Kang turns into a dragon (?) and chomps you in half. These moves are gruesome to pull of and fun to do on friends. Speaking of with friends, play this games multiplayer. It's awesome. Especially local/splitscreen. I have uppercutted my dad into the pit countless times, earning myself a TOASTY! On the characters, it is a fun bunch full of cool characters. But don't even get me started on Kitana. She has a zillion cheap moves. Kitana wins, flawless victory!