The same gruesome fighter just got better.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mortal Kombat II: Kyuukyoku Shinken SNES


-Large cast of characters
-More moves and finishers
-Great audio
-Gory visuals
-Solid controls


-Difficulty settings are still inconsistent


Alright, so after the first Mortal Kombat, the Shaolin monk named Liu Kang defeated the Outworld wizard Shang Tsung and saved the Earthrealm from slavery. A battered and broken Shang Tsung goes to his master Shao Kahn for mercy. Kahn was on the verge of killing him until Tsung informs Kahn that he could once again forcefully challenge the Earthrealm to another Mortal Kombat. The Thunder god Raiden is yet again tasked with bringing the best warriors from Earth together to win their freedom from the Outworld. There are now fifteen playable fighters, which include three secret characters, and each warrior has their own reasons for fighting in the tournament.


Not too much has changed with the basic fighting techniques from last time. Leg sweeps, round house kicks and uppercuts have all returned and the controls are just as good as the predecessor. However, MKII has given a few more special moves to each character which really spices up the game play nicely.

The extremely popular and controversial Fatality makes a comeback and they are even more gruesome than last time. Not only that but each character has two Fatalities and two other finishers like the Friendship and Babality. If you're a nice guy you could spare your opponents life by either becoming friends with them or turning them into an infant. Johnny Cage has one of the more enjoyable Friendships as he signs a picture of himself and hands if over to you. He's such a charmer.

Mortal Kombat II is even gorier this time around. From the rapid high punches to the face to the single uppercut, there is so much excess bloodshed that it would make the Red Cross cry. Plus, there are more environmental Fatalities like getting smacked into the Pit, thrown into a spiked ceiling or tossed into a stream of toxic waste.

Just like before, there are only two modes of play; story and multiplayer. The story mode pins you up against all the remaining characters in your quest to reach Shao Kahn and destroy him. Sadly, the difficulty settings are still inconsistent to where "very easy" plays like "medium" and everything else plays like "insanely difficult". There is a lot more replay value in this game than the first Mortal Kombat because of the abundance of new moves and finishers. This also makes the multiplayer much more enjoyable and longer lasting.


The visuals are really well done with plenty of color and clarity shown throughout the game. The background environments are still outstanding and there are more levels to observe now. Plus, even though the blood spraying is unrealistic it's still fun to watch.

Mortal Kombat II offers an exceptional sound track filled with stunning music and effects. The bone crushing hits and body dismemberments are eerily horrific.


MKII is a beefed up version of the first Mortal Kombat video game. With more moves, characters and levels you'll surely have a great time. Plus, the extra finishing moves give the game an undeniable charm to keep you coming back for more. I would recommend MKII to any fighting game fan. Mortal Kombat II is back and it's even bloodier than ever.