Not your average Mortal kombat

User Rating: 5 | Mortal Kombat Gold DC
I never liked mortal kombat, i shouldnt say never. There was a time when games were good. Back on the genesis and super nintendo. Mk2 and 3 were pretty darn good. Forget Mortal Kombat gold, its not worth it.

On the back of this case it states that its "the greatest mortal kombat ever". Hardly. This game is from what i hear is basically the same as Mortal kombat 4 with a new few features. I never played mortal kombat 4 but if this is improved, i wouldnt want to play mk4.

there are 20 characters to choose from. 13 Arenas. Pretty nice content in my opinion. Some of the arenas look nice. Most of the characters are bad, there are only about 4 likable characters.

Lets get down to the graphics, theyre not bad but for a sega dreamcast system...its not good. It could've looked so much better. I guess Midway just wanted to send a game out quick with no intentions of doing any work. At least some of the fatalities are cool?

Overall this game is not worth getting at all. For die hard MK fans yes. I payed $15 new like 9 years ago. That is overpriced. I guess this game is nice having in a collection, collecting dust. Not worth getting if it's over $5.

I make reviews for fun, if you dont agree thats your opinion. Please be nice!