The truth about this game is.........

User Rating: 8.6 | Mortal Kombat Gold DC
It is just fun. A lot of reviews say that is is bad because it is basically an expantion pack to MK4. And this is true, but the game is much more fun. The new characters provide much more lasting appeal and the game is just sommthing any person can sit down start up the Dreamcast and have a great time. And while the game lack depth compared to Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur, it deffinately dispite all its flaws is just plain fun.


The gameplay is not very deep, but it is fast and FUN. People that never have played games in their life can get so into this game. The special moves are pretty cool, and the game is super fast and competitive.


While they arn't anything special today, back when it came out in 1999 this game had good graphics. It runs at 60 fps and the characters have some pretty nice detail. Plus the endings have been totally revamped from the N64.


While the voice acting in the cut senes are rather bad the battle cries and noises are pretty good. Also you get a lot of funny nthings such as "ooh I'm gonna throw you over there" right in the middle of the fight, and its pretty funny at times.


you get a couple of new arenas but the biggest change is the add to the roster. The new characters are Kung Lao, Kitana, Mileena, Baraka, Cyrax, and Sektor is a secret character.


This game you will want to pick up, its fun and it doesn't cost much nowadays. Even if you have MK4 you probobly will still have fun with this.