Mortal Kombat Deception

User Rating: 9 | Mortal Kombat: Deception PS2
Mortal Kombat Deception Can Be Just ''Strange"To the Klassic Arcade MK Games Players,Such As MK 1 And 2. First,Let's Talk About The Best In This Game. The All-New ''Hara-Kiri"That Is A Type Of Fatality That The Loser Kills Himself,Is One Of The Best Innovative Things In This Game In My Opinion. Talking About Fatalities,This Game Is Full Of Them. Every Fighter Has 2 Fatalities And 1 Hara-Kiri,And This Is One Of The Things That Make This Game Be One Of The Best MKs Ever. Konquest Mode Is Revamped And Here,Isn't Only Training Like Mortal Kombat:Deadly Alliance's Konquest Mode. There's a Free World With 6 Realms,And The Majority Of Them Are Noo New Thing For Real MK Fans. Earthrealm,Netherrealm And Outworld Are One Of Them. Konquest Mode Takes You In The Role Of Shujinko,Who At The Start Of The Mode,Where Only A Student Of Master Bo'Rai Cho. I Will Do Not Tell More About This Mode,Since There Are Spoilers Anywhere Here. There Are 2 Other New Modes:Chess Kombat And Puzzle Kombat(This Is Not So New At All,Since This Mode Is At Mortal Kombat Gold,But,Whatever....). I Loved Both Of Them,This Isn't The Best Experience That a MK Fan Wished,But Make Sure You Check This Modes When Playing The Game. I Don't Know So Much Negative Things In This Games,Only The Bugs,The Graphics(I Really Don't Liked)And The Kombat Sistem,'Cause I Prefer The Arcade MKs Kombat Sistems.