mk deception is good fun,well made,has cleaner graphics than mka, but the konquest mode is Not,it is PaInfull,,

User Rating: 8 | Mortal Kombat: Deception XBOX

Konquest mode is the best part of the game,,can also be the most annoying opart,,i enjoyed it very much;pp;))

Its a joy to play mk deception,it has the ingredients 'u'd expect for a mk game.the tetris/chess modes are good enough to play and have fun with.,its a game that is made quite well, but could have been executed better.i will not tell u what could have been done better,because i think its all up to our imaginations.what i want to say something about is the konquest mode:

the only thing i didnt like was the konquest mode.its quite irritating those konquest modes,u must run in large areas to get to a place (maybe 3 minutes to cross from east to west etc and back),spend hours of hours of your time to get those characters u want badly in desperation.its ridicolous and obnoxious,i dont want to waste hours on this extremly boring and irritatin konquest mode that sucks so bad though it has a nice feel to it.and those training sessions with bo rai cho is a PAIn in the ass u must for many many hours spend time to to combos and often hard Ones that u fail to do.i want to just throw my controller inside the tv and set it on fire.

the konquest modes have troubled me for years,thats why i layd down the game many times and picked it up again.

online is good/fun but there is no one there,,now?

good: kombat,online kombat,vs kombat,fatality's,hara kiri,,chess&tetris,,arenas are exelent,,exelent

bad: konquest mode (cuz i want to throw my controller some place not safe,,too few special moves,perhaps a too little roster,sub zero's outfit and the final boss,,
(well u do the math)