A great port worth your money

User Rating: 8.6 | Mortal Kombat: Unchained PSP
positive: The same mk we all love, New characters that werent in the original, Konquest has some added items, Solid graphics, Has all of the original music and fighting sound effects

Negative: some characters seem really skinny while others dont, Some of the audio sounds weird like an older game, No online (of course)

This is a re-realease of Mortal Kombat: Deception which was one of the best games in midways 3d mk fighters. The port, Mortal Kombat deception unchained features everything in the original excluding online play. It even has some new things to find in konquest and a few fighters that werenet in the original including: Jax, Frost, Goro, Shao-Khan, and i dont think Blaze was in the original either.

Gameplay: The gameplay feels exactly the same as it did in deception (i mean this in a good way). The only very small problem i found with it was that some of the special moves can be a little tedious to pull off like Kenshis telekinetic slam. The load times to me are average maybe a little above average for a fighter. OVERALL GAMEPLAY: 9

Graphics: The graphics in this game look different to what your probably used to. At first i was thinking it was horrible but when i tried to make it not look like the original its good but not great. The weird thing about the graphics is that some of the charactrs are really skinny while some arent which is the only sort of big downside to the graphics.

Sound: This is the only real downside of the game thats annoying. The voices especially sound like a dreamcast game (you know like sound coming out of really crappy speakers). a good thing about the sound is that all of the original sound effects and music like the slaughter house jive :) are included.

Value: As i said before it includes all of the original features in the game except online. It even has some new characters and things to find in konquest mode. As a near perfect port of a great game its definantly worth your money

This is a great port and a great psp game any fighter fan should pick up