Quantity over quality

User Rating: 5 | Mortal Kombat: Armageddon XBOX
It's funny actually... I remember when I was younger, I asked my friends what would be the ultimate Mortal Kombat game. All of us pitched in ideas such as creating our own character, creating our own fatality, being able to fight as every single character, and experiencing an epic storyline. This was years ago, in the late 90's. When I heard about Mortal Kombat Armageddon, it was like my prayers had been answered: everything (or 90% of) I asked for to be included in one MK game was actually happening!

Unfortunately, it seems Midway kept thinking "Quantity over quality the time they developed the game.

First, the roster is expansive, spanning about 62 fighters from favorites to Scorpion and Sub-Zero to the forgotten warriors like Stryker and Jarek. However, limitations were added to the fighting system. Now, each character has one hand-to-hand fighting style and one weapon as opposed to 3 fighting styles from the two predecessors. Some characters don't even have a weapon and have another hand-to-hand fighting style in place of it. This means there aren't many combos or moves to mix up against opponents.

Fighting adjustments have also been made. Air Kombat has also been added, where you can launch an opponent into the air and follow up with a string of combos. It feels more more of a waste, since combos done in the air almost do little to no damage. Then there is "Kreate-A-Fatality." You don't actually "Create" a fatality through a menu of options. Instead, when you must "Finish Him/Her!", you input commands such as Down, Down, A or Up, Left, X - Each command does something different, be it ripping out a heart, ripping off an arm, tearing out their spine or snapping their neck. It lives up to Mortal Kombat with the brutality and gore, but seems lazy since there are no traditional fatalities and EVERY single fighter uses this system. After you've messed around with it for several times, you'll just stick to finishing your opponent off with an uppercut.

Kreate-A-Fighter mode is decent. You can select from a good amount of options to fit him or her to your liking. You can also name their fighting style and weapon style which I found a nice touch. Weapon styles seem limited, only consisting of a few swords and an axe. Why can't I juggle my opponent with Jade's Staff, slice them up with Katana's fans, or even better - chop them up with Baraka's armblades? There also isn't much to unlock.

Konquest is the main game mode. Most of it feels like a very linear beat-em-up with the occasional puzzles and traps thrown in. You control Taven, a half-Elder God who must journey on a quest to save the fate of the realms. Invisible walls are everywhere and you're almost always running down a narrow pathway to the next objective. Combat is extremely simple, consisting of one button to attack, a block button and a button to access a few skills. There are relics you can collect, which unlock extras for every 10 you find, although after playing through the mode once or finding them all, there's nothing more to Konquest mode.

Last is Motor Kombat, which is basically a lite version of Mario Kart. There are about 3 tracks and 8 characters, each with their own unique attack (for example: Cyrax can drop a bomb behind himself for his opponent to run into and Raiden can deliver a shock to his opponent which slows them down). Each track does have a death trap, which is marked by a glowing red line. This mode is fun for the first few times, but it doesn't offer the staying power as Chess Kombat. Aside from difficulty, there's no option to reverse tracks, set the number of laps, or turn off power-ups.

Overall, Mortal Kombat Armageddon is an average fighter.