Is this suppose to be HD

User Rating: 5 | Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection PC
1. Graphics: So many years went by and you programmers can't get it correct. The Spirtes are so tiny, I thinks its Midway saying water it down.
Still doesn't compare to the arcade. The character are huge and life like in the Arcade that what make mortal kombat scary when it came out in 92
Comparing to Mame this is just SNES version with nothing taking out.
What with the screen filters. I want to see full screen not stretch or arcade cabinet. PC doesn't need scanlines this in not and emulations.
2. Sound: There are alot of sound missing. From Music to character select screen. Sounds nothing like the Arcade. Compare this to mame and you will see a huge diffrence. At least PC didn't get the paper cup sound found in the Genesis.
3. Gameplay and Controls. Controls are perfect. The Gameplay Not exciting as Mame. I need the acual feel.
4.I would expect a perfect port instead We get a Hi Res SNES version close to Arcade. but not quite there.
5. Play Mame Arcade The Feel is there. Perfect in every way.

This is the 6 verson of the game I brought and nothing beat Mame even if mame is arcade emulations.