User Rating: 5 | Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection PS3
OK, believe it or not, in real life, I am NOT a call to every little stupid detail freak. However, on the subject of Mortal Kombat, I have to be. This game always has a place in my heart because at one point, it was a significant chunk of my life. Now, if you've read my other reviews, you'll see my primary gripe is the fact that all of the home releases that are labeled "as close to the arcade as it gets" always leave me heart broken.....Now, we re-re-re-re-release the original arcade game on a system that could power the whole arcade, and what do ya know....

OOPS, they did it again!!! They STILL can't quite get it right!!@#!@$!@# Seriously, I want to know...what is it about THIS particular game that they just can't seem to manage to port properly??

This came as a free download when I bought the MK fight stick, ha, they didn't get that thing right either, remove the dragon logo from the top and the dragon bodies are supposed to be at the bottom, not at the top of the controller.

Anyway, so the graphics are up to par, but I wish I could adjust the brightness a bit. The controls are acceptable, the AI needs a bit of fine tuning, but the response times SUCK...due to varied response times it's like you have to learn how to play all over again with each release....and umm.... it does sport the original music, that is, WHEN it plays. Seriously, why does the Goro's lair music just shut off?

Now, my primary complaints about this release -- the sound effects are a complete disaster. Aside from the fact that they're wrong, it sounds as if they were sampled at the wrong bit rate. It feels as if they're coming out of a separate layer of space and don't belong. They sound and seem wrong. And the other thing -- the online play is WAY too laggy. I was so eager to give the whole world a fatality, but, left heart broken again...oh well..

What can I say....thank god for mame.