playing mortal kombat again is a blast,,but does this compilation in one package deal,,come of any good?

User Rating: 8 | Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection X360
well lets see --

let me start of by saying,,when u come to the menu screen,,it looks nice,,like the menu screen does;),,u can see the three mk arcade machine,,neat and nice looking and the colors,,menues are nice,,as well as the options on this menue,,but could have done more with the gaeme;p

surrounded by the land of faults,,came mk to us from heaven;),,

i begAA(u)n playing mk at mk3,,yes i think,,and my char was ofcourse--human subzero;),,yes;D^^ ,..

boon crealry likes to recycle these klassic superb old games over and over again,,though,,these old mk games have come in other compilations and games for ex,,midway's treasures,,umk3 was in thebigdeal version of mk-armageddon;p,,

its not that they arent any good,,but ucant think just get money for,,drawing a palette blue or red,,or just recycle the whole darn time;p

anyway games are good,,ai is ofource very cheap and very hard,,,but iguess that maeks it even more fun ;);p,,

i was 14orsomething when i went of the my nabours house after school time to his vietnameese house,,and played this classic kalled MK3-baby;pp;),,

u ahd ot blow breath on the casestte,,after awhile,,to make it work,,and after awhile the whole snes-system just collapsed of fell to dust;p,,and pieces;pwe had only 5min to play and it was sometime to walk back to school,,justin 5mintues;p

i like the voices and tone of the game;p;),,

--i think online added to this compilation is a postitive thing and it isnt the worst,,but certainly not the best either;p,,.

when the patch came i think it was better,,but the sounds and slighlty graphics problems,,

and no this isnt a Hd-collection is the same games made with worse sounds that suddenly hung or something,,hangs up;p,,but i guess the online modes makes up for it,,

it is said taht this compilation is mk from 1-3,,,well 3 isnt exacly nr3,,but ultimate mk3,,a big diff,,yes lol;p

,,,make mk4 with only too,,but no-one has thought of this yet,,

--this is why i decided t owrite a letter to mr ed-boon;),,make him do it;p,,and he will also earn money on it ,,why not;p;),,with a cheeseburger;p;)),,..

-- boon surely recycles alot,,same way he does with his trash uthink,,just kidding yo;),,

anyway me out,,and have a pleasent day,,or gravepit;p,..--camera is broken;p