Mk4 is by many terms,,a highly addictive game,,not the best,,but still a great one in many ways

User Rating: 8 | Mortal Kombat 4 PS

the obvious here is the nice touch and twist of the story,,not an e - nterely new story just a new twist -- the story is well enough=)

- and also how well the incredible new newcomers to the mkcast work,,not the best new char to the mkgang but still some great new char there=)

-- anyways i'm sold on this game when it comes to style and music,,

every sound and there are alots of sounds in this game,,from music to char yells and weapons,,finish him , etcetc

this game is so incredible fast paced,,and thats a good thing,,maybe too fast at times ehh:p,,just compare it to mk da and mk armageddon

there are more about this game that makes it good: for instance

u can throw things rockets,,skulls etc at your opponent,,as well as you waepon can drop,,so there is alot going for it,,enviroment wise=)

the music is superb=) old -skool=)

2 player fun-madness

skulls -- ,, miss smoke;( in this ,lol,

though ps1 version is good,,the n64 version is by far better:

for instance the amount of char as well and polyons better and ther overhaul/ overall graphic,,ps1 version is kinda toned down and dont look as well / good,,

with that said doesnt mean the ps1 stink,,far from it,, and there are alots of nice new stuff here,,kinda almost not seen before in an mk game,,thumbs up,,

where mk4 lacks things makes up for it with other things,,for instance its a neasy game,,and not alot of bosses,,and such,,

all the new modes are in good condition / shape :

endourance etc,,are regular and nice touch=)..

the cool arenas to fight in are in this,,extremly exelent=) good work=)

endings are pretty cool and superb,,at the same time distubingly bad=) haha=)

good luck,,find your coke=)

and your tree / s =) !

thx to ed boon,,,for yet again an extremly nice artwork,, and awkward=)

thumbs up=)!

best regards:

signed Goro :PpP!