the best figter ever.takes the greatness of mk3 and adds graphics characters levels,and my personal favorite, brutalitie

User Rating: 9.8 | Mortal Kombat 4 PC
this game rocks, ive had the bst meories ever with it and recently bougt it again and its surprisingly as fun. ive never relly liked the modern figters and this isjust genius.the characters were the coolest and dont even let me get started on the fatalities and cheat codes but iv got space to fill so i just will start. i luv this game,there was a cheet to get a menu called cool stuff wich allowed u to do 1 button fatalities.the hell impressive graphics of the 3d characters is astonishing as well as the graphics for the fatalities,babalities,animaltites . wen this cums on 360 uve got to buy it.its wurth it no mater the cost.its by far the best fiting game ever