If You Love the Arcade Version, Then MK4 on the Nintendo 64 is a great port for you to take home.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mortal Kombat 4 N64
We all know about the Mortal Kombat series but This is one of the best. First Let me point out that the Graphics in this game are very good for a Nintendo 64 game and The Controls are really well put-together. The Gameplay is also amazing and you will have a lot of fun playing this version. Another Good part is the Fatalities, They're really cool. I've never done a fatality in this game but I've seen a bunch of those things on YouTube and they Look really Awesome. Overall this game is very entertaining and will keep you playing for hours and hours to come. However there are a couple of problems with this game. Goro and Shinnok are Impossible to defeat because Goro Literally cheats and most of the time, severely disrupts you from trying to attack him because of his 4 arms and it really drives me nuts just seeing that happen and Shinnok seriously has Too many tricks up his sleeve, Just Like Shang Tsung, He can copy moves but cannot transform into anyone. Also They really Could've added more characters in there too. But Overall the Game is very fun to play and you're gonna Have a Lot Of Fun With This.