This game revolutinizes Mortal Kombat into 3-D. Quite Simply, Superb.

User Rating: 9.2 | Mortal Kombat 4 PC
Gameplay: As MK goes 3-D, So do the fatalitys. MK4 has some of the greatest fatalitys ever. As other MK games this doesnt go easy on gore. It can take months on hard tranning to master this game.

Graphics: At the time the graphics were superb.Cool looking fighters and 3-D brings Goro to life. The Environments are cool and you can pick up weapons of the ground. Mwahaha the gore is excellent with arm rippings and decapitations. It revolutionizes Mortal Kombat into 3-D. Quite simply Superb.

Sound: The sound is good with classic bone-crunching uppercuts and awesome voice acting like Superb, Fatalitys etc. Awesome scores see this game to its Greatness.

Value: As all Mortal Kombat Games, This will last you for months. It will take ages to gather up all the skills to play in tornaments etc. I am still playing this game in 2005 lol.