One of a kind

User Rating: 5.4 | Mortal Kombat 4 N64
When Mortal Kombat 4 came out on the N64 i immediately bought it. All your favourite MK characters in 3d, wow. Back then this was kind of special, because MK was always 2d. I did not play this game for along time. The 3d characters were cool for some time, but the new endboss looked like a jester and was easy to beat and i did not know anybody who was willing to learn the controls to the game. I had to face it: the days of Mortal Kombat were numbered. Years later MK 5 came out on new hardware and with very different controls. MK 4 tried to translate 2d gameplay to a 3d environment, it failed. Maybe when the nintendo wii comes out you can download this game for cheap. I don't think this game stands the test of time, but you could download it as part of MK-collection.