MK3 is a good game, but it fails to improve the series as greatly as MKII did.

User Rating: 7 | Mortal Kombat 3 GEN
This game is seen by many to mark the beginning of the fall of the MK series, and as a true fan, I cannot help but agree. The character roster itself fails to impress – as there are too many new faces and not many returning favorites. One must ask what the F*** was the MK Team thinking? Did they not know how made their second game so successful? MKII brought more of what we loved. MK3 got rid of what we loved and replaced it with new garbage. Kabal? Sindel? Stryker? Who are these clowns? And what in god's name did they do to the look of Sub-Zero. He looks like Superman. He even has Superman's ice breath as a fatality. Stupid. Just stupid.

Although the new faces to MK are downright ugly, some of them have some pretty cool moves. Kabal is like the flash, who runs past his opponent really fast and they are spun in a web (or something). Sindel is Kitana's replacement (to a degree) as she has a sonic scream that creates the same affect on an opponent as Kitana's fan waves. Stryker is just plain lame. A friggin cop. Enough said.

A new and cool game play element was introduced and it's running - which is a great offensive technique against lame players who keep their distance. Now you can run in and attack at a high speed. Combos are also introduced, which look REALLY cool in MK3. The fighting is A LOT smoother than MKII and responds even better. But ever character still has the same control scheme: HP LP LK HK – and their attacks are boring as though none of the characters have their own unique fighting style. They do to a degree, but not enough to keep the game looking fresh.

Fatalities are back, 2 to each again… but it's as though the MK team were running out of good ideas, or their character ideas sucked so bad that they couldn't think of good fatalities for such poor fighters. It's probably a combination of the two. Babalities and Friendships return, but by now, they're not funny anymore – and if that wasn't bad enough – they tried to be funny again with Animalities and failed miserably. In order to perform an Animality, one must lose a round and win a round, and at the end of the third round "show mercy" which is probably the most useless feature in MK3.

The violence is back, but not as realistically gruesome as MKII. Now players blow up with 2 skulls, 5 arms, and 12 legs. How stupid is that? Not to mention the body parts look like ripped off limbs from a damn cabbage patch doll. The internal organs from explosions that MKII had are gone. It's as though they ran out of memory and had to make the graphic violence of fatalities repetitive. Terrible … just terrible.

The game is fun, but it's probably ranked #3 with MK2 at first place and MK1 at second. Seriously.