User Rating: 10 | Mortal Kombat X360
Well this has been a long time coming. Finally Mortal Kombat went back to it's roots and got rid of alot of unnecessary junk that has been bringing the franchise down for years. Every mortal kombat that I can think of it pretty good except for a few exceptions (Deception). It seemed that they were running out of ideas. As soon as I put this disk in though I knew it was going to be awesome. The title screen says it all really and the graphics are amazing. The story and how they tied everything else in was perfect and I don't think could have been done any better. This game made me go back to when I first played MK and this is truly a game that they took their time with. The game varies from easy to very hard and the final boss is harder then he ever has been. The x-ray moves really make this game even more of a challenge and the ease of using fatalitys is also a much need insert. For a side note the fatalitys in this game are all amazing. DLC is great as well as the mini games. Whether your new to MK or old school this game is the best of the best. 10/10