The return of MK in its true form.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mortal Kombat X360
I love Mortal Kombat and have stuck by Midway through thick and thin. Saw Mortal Kombat evolutionize into a wonderful fighting game and it has been quite an interesting journey. The new MK dons the name well as it not only takes you back to the world of MK but to the old world of the game you remember. In alot of ways I saw the game more of as a retry from a man who just wanted to make the game he had always wanted but never had the funds to. I can relate to that and see his point. From early MK titles, the game was always meant to be plentiful in characters and features but it was always the technology that wasn't available to slow down the overall picture.

Still you could always tell that MK was always meant to be so much more. Finally it is what it was meant to be. A violent yet fun fighting game that any gamer can enjoy and finally we can see the fruit of Ed Boon's labor. This game has an enteresting story mode that surprised me the most. It's a great way to see the old MK story line go from MK 1 to 3 and has many perspectives to see it from. It also delivers an interesting twist that changes history as Raiden attempts to stop Amargeddon. The fighting system closely resembles MK Deadly Alliance but with alot of old school thrown to the mixture. The special effects really bring the characters to life in ways you have always dreamt of.

Old modes also make an appearance like TEST YOUR MIGHT and the traditional LADDER story mode along with a few newbies. Both modes are just as fun if not, more so than the old 2D games. If it wasn't enough that they remade the story, they even took a step further and added story lines to LADDER story mode which throws crazy what if scenarios that sometimes just look silly. And if that wasn't enough, they threw in a MISSION mode that lets you play fun mini games and give you good challenges with small stories to keep you entertain. The online might anger you as you must pay extra to play it and I hear alot of other complaints about it. I don't care for that though. All in all this is the ultimate game for any MK fan. It looks great, it plays great, it sounds great and the modes are great. Looking foward to MK 2!