Wow, they have succesfully restored the MK series!! I thought the day would never come.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mortal Kombat PS3
Well I can relax and enjoy life now that my favorite fighting franchise has succesfully had life breathed back into it!! MK series (mainly 1-3) ruled my childhood and kept me busy on the SNES. I remember staying up all night just to do Fatalaties!! And of course Midway crashed and burnt and the MK series halted. Now, finally the series has been brought back to life and it has been done right. All the great characters we know and love are all here. Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kano, Shang Tsung, Kitana, Biraaka they are all here and more...Kratos!!!! There is a huge list of fighters to choose from and man do they look better than ever. The graphics are top of the line I mean its so pretty to watch you rip your opponent limb from limb while playing as Noob and watching his gruesome fatalaty. Its 3d now so MK is being shown as it should be. Its beautiful. Another awesome detail is the fighting venues. There are so many amazing scenes to fight at. The long bridge, the evil labaratory, Goros lair. SO MANY MORE! The Story mode, however, is what I was most impressed with cuz the other MK's were just fight fight fight. Now newcomers to the series or quite frankly anyone, can learn just what MK is all about and why these guys and gals are ripping each other to shreds. And its great cuz u get to play as a bunch of different characters and its quite lengthy as well. All kinds of unlockable costumes, fatalaties, artwork and music are avalaible for u to find as u progress thru the game and earn points to spend in your gallery. Oh man, so many memories are brought back as I play this game. They hit a homerun with this one. I refer this game to newcomers to the series who love great quality fighting games and old-schoolers like me who love the MK series. Its pretty simple, if u like fighting games go grab this!!