Technically its a very Brilliant game but for me it is just above Good=), here's why

User Rating: 8 | Mortal Kombat X360
b4 first of: i will give u this answer right away:: all the Fighters in this game,,
are excatly the same accurate,,therefore noNE of the Characters are weaker or harder to play with,,it is just based upon your skillS or comon knowledge!!! on to this--------> below,,

- First off: i know ihave no point of writing the following cuz this mk game is based upon the 3 first mk games, so therefore jax has no machine gun and kano no laser, this is a rip of, of of mk vs dc universe cuz it uses the same engine and also many of the char looks almost identical to like they where in mkvcdcuniverse,,for instance sonya ,,jax and shang tsung also yes but sonya more,,jax and shang tsung looked slightly kooler in mk vc dc universe also :PP:p the thing is: great game but doesnt get more than 8.0 from me which is still good.. : but

feels a little like been there done that,,there are enough unieque things in this game that makes it good and alot of fun for along time especially with others .but on the other hand there is also much been there done that feel,so therefore it is "kind of" an revolutionary game, i wanted more new things,,something new ,cuz it can get boring "can",,this game also has many similarities to mk vs dc universe which actually is sliglhty better even if it doesnt have all the stuff in this game etc,,feels slighlty more revolutionary ,,than mk 9,,dont get me wrong mk9 is revolutianary,,but it cant be as revolutianary as i want it to be cuz it's based upon the first 3 mkgames

not enough things in this game,,the right things: dont get me wrong there are many things i nthis game and new ones=) but when u have made so many mk games ed boon it should be,,but that has been the thing for years so char comes and some goes

what do i need koins for when i have empty the whole krypt?,,challenge tower? ^^ kintaro,goro,,shao kahn-not playable,,as well as too few characters in all,i wanted more ,like shinnock for crying out loud,,mavado,deagon,,Motaro,,bo rai cho,frost and so on , n' why arent motaro in this game,,

^^ kano has no laser (he had in mk vc dc universe),,and is also the dullest char? think about it what can he do :p,,,jax has no machine gun he was cooler in mk vc dc universe,the new dlc has no opening voice nor alt constumes,,almost no voicec at all etc,,which ruins a dlc,,freddy has though more voices,,,rains bubble special move,,is there a reason for using that move? just asking. i'm not negative stil a cool move=9

^^ mortal kombat games has been toned down alot in previous mortal kombbats,,but it is much better now,,still toned down

^^ even on beginner shao kahn is easy,,only diff between easy and hard is that on hard he trows his hammer more often and runs more often towards u ( Ai more crazy,,,but notice how the Ai can go crazy and act almost the same as on Hard..:p,,(think about it psst)

^^ 1-2-3 of the characters are uneven and weaker

some of the spescial moves has no point of doing..and some of the char are much more weaker
^^^mk armageddon was not toned down but cheap,,this game is toned down,,but not cheap,,depends what toned down means 4 u

^^^Stages are good enough but repetative and nothing unique about them and there are too few of them,,,,,mk vc dc universe stages where more unique i think :p

notice how rains fatality is a copy of catwomans fatality and sonya

online is good fun but can be laggy as it can often be

new things:,,tag team,,

king of the hill,,,- u know the rest,,

End: notice how deagon,,quan chi,,kratos looks alike:p

hf=9 gl=) i certainly will :D Great game;)=))

lets hope at least we will see shinnock return:P if there is to be another mkgame:P Cheers:D

notice how sub zero's sepcial move ice puddle are the only sepcial move in the whole game not wort using:p,,subzero is actually the weakest char in the game?? and what d owe need him for when we have now cyber subzero which have all the same moves AND MORE,,he's like an a Cyrax ULTIMATE,,cyber subzero that is!!

if there is one thing we know about mk games is that they are almost the same and the char almost feels the same:P and they come and go,,excatly with new one's "they come up with :p"

ps3 players get kratos and a new stage -- what? AaaaND A NEW STAAAGE,,this is a rip of,,what would have been fair,,was if xbox players got cyber subzero and a new stage - while ps3 players got kratos and a new stage,,But No!! how dumb --

BEst regards

meh i still ahve fun with this gameforever but it is not a ten just because of thhat

tip: in mk vs dcu,,the Char where Taller & bigger,,why?