Mortal Kombat is planning to bring the series back to it's roots. Well, everything seems so good on paper.

User Rating: 6 | Mortal Kombat PS3
As a big Mortal Kombat fan, I have always played the MK games, ever since the first one. After buying MK vs DC, I decided that I should give the series a break for a while. Then Mortal Kombat came and looked like it's going to change it all.
So, I was very hyped for this game. Pre-ordered it, even considered buying the Kollector's Edition (but decided that the money sould go for another game instead of a sculpture)
At March 15th, I downloaded the demo and I was very overwhelmed - The game looked amazing. Blood, gore, amazing graphics and remodeled characters.
I was playing at the demo for countless hours and managed to get flawless victories on Hard difficulty. When the game arrived, I was pretty excited and fired it on. I have started playing as Scorpion (my favourite character) only to realize that it's nothing like the demo - One of my biggest concerns was AI which is spamming like hell. Uppercuts, and repetitive and excessive use of specials and other stuff lead me to get the difficulty down to medium (and I'm NOT a noob.) only to see that there is absolutely no difference, still, AI is spamming, especially with characters who has transmormation attacks (Like Ermac, Sektor, etc.)
Then, I was curious what's happening in the Easy difficulty - Guess what? It's pretty much the same.
Don't get me wrong, Mortal Kombat is a decent game. It features bloody fatalities, babilities, the Krypt, challenge tower of 300 challenges, a new tag-team mode, brand new X-Ray moves, lots of characters to choose from, nice graphics and good presentation. The main problem is the AI - it stinks. When I finally arrived to Shao Khan, I wasn't surprised - He also uses the same 3 moves - Hammer throw, spear throw & shoulder charge. Occasionally he uses his X-ray move which deplets half of your life bar, and has this "golden shield" thing which prevents you from doing specific moves on him.
Yes, like gamespot said in their review, he is damn cheap.
I don't like winning matches and rounds with uppercuts and jumping kicks, because thats not fun, however the opponent dosen't allow you to do anything else. I love fighting games, but never in my entire life I was encountered in this situation where the AI is so cheap. Big turnoff.
The online experience is unbalanced. Yet again, people pick characters which have the side to side teleporting, using blocks and uppercuts frequently, a thing that draws back from actually enjoying the online experience. And the story? Expected, dull and boring.
I'm pretty much dissapointed. I expected a new, awesome MK experience and almost got a cracked controller and TV.
I just don't get it, the demo was excellent.