Mortal Kombat is everything we all expected and a lot more! Catch Phrase: Rated M for Mutilation

User Rating: 9 | Mortal Kombat PS3
Here we are, one of the most awesomes games, one of the most expected game of 2011 is finally out and to tell you guys the truth, I can't stop playing this Fkn game!

Everything on this game is great!

Characters are amazingly awesome and very fun to play with, every one has his own combo, brutalities, fatalities, its freaking awesomality!

The Graphics... I dont need to say that its one of the best looking games right?

The Story its hmm... how can I say this... ahhh, the story it's almost the same thing that we saw on the previous Mortal Kombats, but its a better detailed one and it's kinda cool.

The Sound Effects are one of the best I ever heard, everything it seems so real. It's fantastic.

The Gameplay it's very smoothy and responsive, and this is what a Fighting Game needs!

So, if you really want to play a fighting game, I'd strongly reccomend Mortal Kombat, this game has everything the other fighting games have and a lot more! FATALITY!!