More gore than a hammer horror film simply beautiful gaming

User Rating: 8.5 | Mortal Kombat PS3
Ive not been on MK long a few hours.

The visuals are unique the sounds are amazing and i have to say i dont think ive played a better fighter to date. the animation is amazing, somehow every hit or kick really does feel like your hitting you opponant for real. very satisfying.

I would have given it a ten but i felt the single player lacked depth and its f#cking hard at the end, i mean insanely hard..

Its a lot faster than previous in the MK series 60 frames a sec keep each fight intense, and a lot of work has gone into developing each character individually and the backdrops look awesome.

The game seamlessly slows down for the mini break moves where you get the x-ray of what damage you ve done and then without you even noticing throws you back into the action (unless your dead!!). The finishing moves are gorey and gorgeous.

In 1 player tower mode the game changes direction, each level has a specific goal but also teaches you how to play and used each character. I especially like when you have to fight reptile and you can only hurt him after you ve de- cloaked him (made him visable), or test you sight a mini game i remember well!! Another mini game is with johnny cage placed in a side scrolling zombie fighter it feels like kung fu master from the 80s.

Just go and buy Mortal Kombat now you dont know what your missing sheer arcade dominance and mastery !!!

More review as i play through it.