This game is everything Mortal Kombat is about! Violence! Blood! Fatalities! This game has it all. Best since Deception!

User Rating: 8.5 | Mortal Kombat PS3
This game succeeded my expectations. It is a definite must-play whether your a long time fan or a newcomer, Mortal Kombat will grip you from the get go. The visuals are superb! The gameplay is Excellent! Especially how it feels a lot like the old-school MK games but with more depth. All new features such as X-ray MOVES and the bar system are a VERY GOOD AND WELL NEEDED FEATURE!

There is very little to complain about with this game. The only thing it does not have is KONQUEST MODE which was featured in previous titles such as Deception which was an ALMOST PERFECT game. However this Mortal Kombat features a story mode which is nothing short of EPIC and wil have you on the edge of your seat while playing.

Overall Mortal Kombat is worth every penny! It is the perfect example of an old-school game re-vamped and polished to create the perfect new title to appeal to gamers of yesterday and today.