After so many years, Mortal Kombat finally hits the PC again, but is it good ?

User Rating: 9.5 | Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition PC
Mortal Kombat for the PC finally got released this year, it is highly addictive, has great gameplay and all the brutality we love is back again.
I played this game with a keyboard and the controls are very easy to handle, you can do all the moves, x-rays, fatalities and babalities without any problem.The gameplay is fluid and the graphics are amazing.The unreal engine really does his job in this game.
Another amazing thing here is the story.It covers the events of the past Mortal Kombat games and truly explains the story of each character.It is very compelling and it hides a few surprises too.
Furthermore, there are many unlockables for you to buy with the points you get from playing, and trust me, you will be playing this game a lot.There are unlockable fatalities, skins, concept art and more.
There is only one big problem that I had with the game, many more people have been having it too, it is the slowdown in the gameplay.However this problem is usually very easy to fix by using the auto-configuration in the game's options.
The final verdict is a solid 9.5.This is an amazing game with almost no flaws at all, the uninteractive environment is a little turn off for me but it's not a big deal.Other than that the game is amazing and I would reccomend it to every fan of the franchise, and of fighting games.