Amazing game, worthy buying. Read...

User Rating: 9 | Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition PC
Long time since latest Mortal Kombat PC game, this release is amazing, worthy buying. my review is 9 i would give it 9.5 but it have a little problem. Good is :
* Nice graphics
* Fun playing, solo and team.
* Multiplayer system is awesome
* Long gameplay.
* Good controls system
* System options and configuration is very good
* Tons of unlockable content

Bad is :
* Some main Characters isn't available like Goro, Kintana ...
* Graphics bugs- with high graphics setting

So like i said guys this game is really worthy support the developers for it. I wonder if they will make RPG Motral Kombat or open world Mortal Kombat version.

The only thing i couldn't enjoy id with high graphics which will make you fell little bad, but then will forget because its awesome game developed well. I suggest you guys to play multiplayer with family or friends the time will pass without feel it.

Story line is good, Mortal Kombat story.