The Best Fighting Game of All Time

User Rating: 10 | Mortal Kombat PS3

Warning: Spoilers

Mortal Kombat- 2011 The best fighting game ever made surpassing the previous owner of this title, Soul Calibur IV. Improving on any mistake that Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe had regarding tired gameplay mechanics such as the Rage system or the toned down Fatalities. In this iteration, the blood and the gore are back in full glory for the sadist in all of us and the gameplay is superb when it comes to adding enhanced moves or X-Ray moves or even Combo Breakers making any match different even if someone is playing with Scorpion against Scorpion. In terms of story, this game takes the entire Mortal Kombat trilogy, throws the what if? with Raiden knowing the events of the future and trying to alter it according to his Elder God medallion. The story is very cinematic explaining everything that happened within the 3 games even for newcomers of the series. Johnny Cage is hilariously arrogant, Liu Kang is the self proclaimed hero, Kung Lao is envious of Kang's role, and Raiden is the true protector of Earthrealm just to name a few. Every character has a very different story and an arc to follow, making each character unique to this world. The only notable exception is the guest character, Kratos who is not included in the Story Mode, understandably so and in his Arcade ending has the same story as Vader or Yoda from Soul Calibur IV except with Kratos it was done against his will. He got transported to another dimension, and as opposed to Yoda or Vader who were looking for an ancient power in the other dimension, Kratos was just angry that he was put in the MK world and started killing everything. Since the guest characters are a similarity, a comparison is inevitable with Soul Calibur IV. Kratos is in the vein of Vader in terms of gameplay, they are both slow to play as, but very fun to play regarding their special move variety. Yoda, on the other hand, let's just say it's a good thing Mortal Kombat didn't have one of those cheap characters. New characters Skarlet, Kenshi, and Rain look decent and Freddy Kruger and Mortal Kombat is a match made in heaven! This game deserves to be bought because is the best fighting game out there!