Great mortal kombat game

User Rating: 8 | Mortal Kombat PS3
Before I begin the review I want to say merry christmas also I'm doing this on christmas because I need to review this and I need a christmas special review.Mortal combat 9 is a great game that has a really roster on it.The on line matches are a blast and they are really worth it.The arcade ladder mode is awesome and one of the best modes in this game.The story mode is the best mode in this game.This game I find great and this is one of the best PS3 games with the best graphics in it.This game is a really great and simply one of the best mortal combat games made.This game has 4 downloadable characters rain is my favorite downloadable character because I find him with the best moves but not the best fatalities.This game is good and if you are a big mortal combat fan the I would recommend getting this game because you will really like this game if you get it.My final score:8.0 out of 10.This has been a mortal kombat 9 review thanks for reading.